Eyes and Ears

By the time they make it up the first flight of steps, they are out of breath.  They pause under the shade of the Mistle Arch to recover.

“They pause under the shade of the Mistle Arch to recover.”

Eyes surveys the town below.

“Are we still being followed?” Asks Ears.

Their voices are low and hushed, keeping guard of their secrecy.

“You can probably tell better than me.  There’s humidity today, the haze is making it difficult to see.”

“There’s too much of a crowd in the market for me to distinguish the footsteps.  Damn, he’s agile whoever it was.   Are there many steps left? I lost count while listening to the shadows.”

“Last flight past the Mistle Arch only.  The Sombra?  Are they here too?”

“Those spirits move so silently, even my ears struggle, but I sense one more than hear her.  Can you see anything amiss?”

Eyes shakes his head, despite Ears not being able to witness the answer.  His piercing sight moves from the crowd to the shadows.   They wait, almost breathlessly.

Eyes smirks, “There’s a shadow of lamp that doesn’t exist.  There’s one lamp here, but it has two shadows.  There’s a Sombra here, alright.”

“Then there is something going down today.  They rarely leave Ravenrun, let alone travel to human territory.  If only we could make ourselves as invisible as they are.  Wait, west-south-west, coming up the steps, can you see him?  I’d know that body music anywhere.”

Eyes glimpses the mantel of an old knight disappear into an alley to the left of the steps. “Lord Rai, perhaps, a knight’s insignia, but I didn’t see the face. His walk was not that of a younger knight.  Slight limp, like Rai tries to keep hidden.”

“That’s him.  So he’s going to the tower too?  Did he see us?”

“So he’s going to the tower too?”

“I don’t know, Ears, but I’m beginning to get a sense of why Aoife wanted both Eyes and Ears here today.  Are you alright to make it up the steps and continue as planned? I could follow the old knight.  It’s only one Sombra and she can’t keep sights on us both.  Keep out of the shadows, they can’t travel in the light.”

Ears nods, and waves Eyes to go in the direction of the knight he’d spied.  Despite Eyes advice, he keeps to the shade of the walls, listening, always listening.  “More worried about ears than eyes are you?” His question appears to have no-one to whom it is directed.

Suddenly he feels a sharp point pressed against his back.  He freezes, but his voice is calm.    “What manner of creature would be so unkindly to a man as blind as myself?”

The elf catches his arm and spins him against the wall.  The point of the blade begins to pierce his skin.  Below the wall is a sheer cliff to the estuary below.  A lone fishing-boat is framed between the trees.  Sunlight glistens off the water like light on a mirror and flashes back up toward them.

“A lone fishing-boat is framed between the trees.”

It’s too bright for the Sombra and she involuntarily retreats from the bright reflections.  It gives Ears his opportunity for escape, ducking into an alley, he changes guise, and is soon out into the open sunlight, seeking a boatsman.  He’ll get to the castle via the cliff route.

Author notes:

Complete and utter nonsense inspired by some pictures taken in San Vicente de la Barquera, a port town about 20 km from where we live.   However, you may get to hear more from Eyes and Ears in the future. They are a couple of rogues I’ve been developing lately.



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